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Your local complete tobacconist since 1975. Offering fine traditional pipes, custom blended and tinned pipe tobacco, premium imported hand-rolled cigars plus RYO tobacco & all accessories. Cutters, Zippo's, torch lighters, humidors and more!

Lighters, humidification, smoking accesories and more...........

Pipes Ltd is a complete custom tobacconist with everything the smoker needs plus gifts, collectibles, art and much much more!


Official Retailer of oil and Butane lighters by Zippo, Vector, Vertigo, Lotus, IM Corona, Xikar, Blue Rhino, Z-Plus Inserts and more!







                Smoker's Accessories

Cigar cutters, punch's, pipe tools, ashtrays, humidors, tobacco pouches.

We feature cutters by Xikar and Palio!




We have everything thing you need to keep your

cigars in perfect smoking condition.  

We are often asked 'what is the best humidity?'.  Honestly, there is no set answer. There is a myth that persists that 70% relative humidity is the "perfect" environment.  Totally false.  The correct answer is relative to the smokers preference.  For example, I store my cigars between 59-63% relative humidity.  The flavors pop more and I never have burn problems.   I find that cigars stored closer to 70% have alot of muted flavors and is on the harsh side.  You may be different.  That's why there are no set rules to this hobby.

Cigar Myths:

- 70% rh is perfect  (actually, a lower rh just might be what the cigars wants, try it)
- Dark wrappers means strong and light wrappers mean mild (it's what's on the inside that makes the cigars strong or not)
- Bigger ring gauge cigars deliver more flavor  (the smaller the ring guage, say 42, is a less wrapper to filler ratio and the wrappers flavor is more prononced and the blend is more concentrated) 
- Pre-Embargo cigars.  If you’re on any cigar mailing lists, or receive any catalogs, you’ve no doubt heard the story: A master tobacco blender discovers a cache of leaves hidden in a dusty corner of his factory. Curious about this long-lost supply, he rolls some of it up and – surprise, surprise – decides that it’s basically the greatest thing he’s ever tasted.  (Pinar cigars)
- You need a humidor to keep cigar in prime smoking condition.  (A cooler or tupperware will do just fine)
- Temperature vs. Humidity table (totally false)
- Different brand cigars touching each other in the humidor will empart ones flavor to the other, same with maduros and naturals.  (That's just crazy)
- You can rely on your analog hygrometer?  (very rare that happens as they are 99% wrong 99% of the time)
- You can store cigars in the fridge?  (DO NOT DO THIS!  It will dry out the cigars!)
- Cellophane on or off?  (it does not matter)
- Can I clip the cigar then put it back in the humidor safely?  (yes, no problem unless it has been lit)
- Is it mold or plume (bloom)?  (Plume is uniform and looks like glittering dust covering the entire cigar.  Mold is splotchy and hairy looking and comes up in spots and is not uniform.  Both wipe off easily.  Plume is rare and is only an indication that the cigar has been stored correctly for many years.  It adds no flavor.)

We have your basic puck style humidifiers, larger rectangular foam humidifiers, silica gel humidifiers, silica bead humidifiers, Water Pillows and Boveda packs.  A complete line of Xikar, Dr. RH and Cigar Mechanic humidification!




                    Flasks 75% Off!!

A large assortment of different styles and sizes plus

funnels.  From 2oz. to a half gallon flasks!!