Pipes Ltd. of & Hickory

Your local complete tobacconist since 1975. Offering fine traditional pipes, custom blended and tinned pipe tobacco, premium imported hand-rolled cigars, Hookah's & shisha plus RYO tobacco & all accessories! Zippo's, knives and other select gifts too!

                            Hookah?  Anyone?

Old school...and beautiful.   Replacement parts available plus dozens of flavors of tobacco. The area's leader!

Large ones, small ones...we have what your need.  One hose to four hose hookah's available!



We also feature a huge selection of hookah tobaccos!

Selected flavors of each brand available:




Fantasia!  More Juice, More Flavor!



Al Fakher! 


Only culturally illiterate


people think a hookah


is a bong! 

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